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Can we bring our own gear?
Heck yeah, you got it bring it! Staff will check all gear brought by players to make sure it is in compliance. 
Can we bring food?
Yuppers, although we do have snacks and drinks available!
No alcoholic drinks are allowed!
How long is each game?
Each game will consist of two matches on each field, which can last anywhere from 2 - 10 minutes a match. 
Can we reserve table?
Of course! We automatically reserve the amount of tables needed for the package you chose.
Can we take photos?
YES!  We encourage you too! Want to get on the field and take some? Let us know! 
Can we bring our own paint?
NO! We are strictly a FIELD PAINT ONLY facility. 
Will we have  a ref with us?
There is a ref on the field at all times to make sure the games go smoothly.
Can we bring back the paint we do not use? 
Yes, as long as it has been stored in a cool and dry environment and not inside of a vehicle or outside exposed to the elements. The paint will be checked by staff prior to it being allowed on the field. 
Do you refill Co2? 
No, sorry we do not. We use HPA instead of Co2.
What if I have to cancel a reservation?
That is perfectly fine, we only ask you do so within 24 hours of your time scheduled.
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