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So...You've been tasked with finding the place to celebrate this joyous day....look no further! 

Our birthday party packages are the exact same as our Group Player Packages.

When you book your birthday party we'll set up enough tables for the amount of players your package shows. If you want to cater in some food, go right on ahead. We have drinks and snacks as well. Need some paper plates or napkins? We've got ya covered. 

We know how tiresome setting up a birthday party is, that's why we offer a complete hands free set up for an additional cost. We'll take care of ordering the cake, decorations and anything else you can think of (WITHIN REASON) 

If this sounds like something you want to do, just give us a call instead of using our booking page. We'll go over in detail, the amount of people attending, what exactly you want/expect etc. 

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