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It is pretty simple actually....we want to provide a safe and fun environment for kids and adults alike. Times have changed, kids are wanting to spend more time playing video games rather than being outdoors and staying active. This has become a problem and is leading to more and more cases of child obesity

Another reason is to give teens a place to come and spend their time with one another on the paintball field, rather than at the lakes drinking and doing whatever else comes to mind. I've worked in law enforcement in the area for nearly 5 years now. One thing I've noticed is teens have nothing to do except for drinking and getting into trouble. I've seen too many vehicle accidents involving teens who have been drinking. At least while they are here, they will be watched over and you as a parent can rest assured they will be in safe hands. 

Our staff and anyone who may come out and help with events are trained in first aid and can assist anyone who may come under some ailment. (NO WE WON'T PERFORM A TRACHEOTOMY) LOL. 

Bottom line is, we are here to provide an environment where you and your family can come out and have some fun. Got a birthday party or other event you want to host? Just give us a call and we will go over specifics. 

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